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Flexible Cost

You are charged only for the routes you currently have. Increase or decrease as peak comes and goes.

Smart Analytics

Your scorecard only shows you 25% of what's going on. We'll show you the rest.

Automated Feeds

Ciibo imports your Cortex, Mentor, and Paycom data each night so you always have every data point at your fingertips.

Composite Score

Which Drivers Are My Best?

Your Amazon scorecard helps – a little. But it misses the three biggest components that decide how successful you are – how efficient your drivers are, how much van damage your drivers cause, and how often your drivers do not show up for work. Ciibo mixes these three biggest bottom-line contributors with Cortex and Mentor data, and produces a single composite score to let you know who your best drivers REALLY are.

Damage Tracking

What van damage was caused yesterday?

Drivers will hurt your vans – it is a fact of life. But if you cannot hold them accountable for the damage caused, you will never be able to get that cost under control. Ciibo’s damage diagram allows you to instantly see new damage on any van on a daily basis, and automatically assign blame to the driver causing it. If using the Composite Score bonus feature, damage will instantly decrease that driver’s bonus for the week.

Real data, Right Now.

Our customers believe so much in Ciibo, that some have agreed to let you take a peak into their real-time operations. You won’t know who they are, and a bunch of stuff has been randomized to hide the identity of drivers and staff, but it is real data being used right this very moment. Even the dollar amounts are real! So dive in and take a real-time test drive!

Route Summary

How much can I afford to pay my drivers?

We all know the minimum pay is $15/hour. But to attract and keep the best drivers out there, how do you calculate how much you can really afford to pay them? Ciibo provides a bonus system that automatically calculates bonuses based on each driver’s composite score, so only the best drivers get the most money – automatically. A tool is provided for you to play ‘what-if’ scenarios so you can estimate bonus payouts weeks in advance. No more surprises!


How many drivers should I be hiring?

We’ll give you a free tip: NEVER STOP HIRING DRIVERS. Even after peak, all you want to do is to slow down. But how many hires do you really need? Ciibo provides a pipeline forecasting tool that graphically shows you the number of routes your current driver pipeline will support 1 week, 1 month or even 3 months into the future. Driver attrition is always high in this industry, but you can plug in your specific numbers to get an accurate reading.

The DSP Trifecta

  • Oprations

    From fleet management to driver scheduling, operations is at the heart of any DSP. Discover how Ciibo can turn a complex business into something that almost runs itself.

  • Human Resources

    Hiring efficient, safe and reliable drivers is key to a successful DSP. Knowing who to reward and who to replace is just as important. Ciibo has you covered in both areas.

  • Financials

    Ah, the Black Box that is Amazon. Never again wonder where the money is coming from and where it is going. We’ll show you your bottom line yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Performance Bonus

How much money did I make yesterday?

One of the biggest mysteries in life is how a DSP makes money. Ciibo demystifies this process by showing you exactly how much money you made on any day, along with a breakdown of which drivers are making and costing you the most money due to their efficiency (or lack thereof). You will also be able to view the route size and any costs associated with ride-alongs, standby pay and shadows.

Hiring Pipeline

How do I push the schedule to my drivers?

Let’s face it – scheduling DSP drivers is HARD. Most DSPs pay huge amounts of money to a third-party scheduling tool, and then have to figure out how to manage accounts for every driver. Ciibo understands the complexities of Amazon’s logistics machine, and provides a tool to make it super-simple to schedule weeks in-advance. And pushing it to your drivers is completely automatic through our mobile app.

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